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Welcome to the "Official Dry Cleaner of Busy People Everywhere"

1-800-DryClean is America’s premier dry cleaning and laundry pick up and delivery service.

While we have locations from coast to coast, your 1-800-DryClean is a locally owned and operated business built on a reputation of providing personalized service to customers just like you.

Step 1

You don't need to be home. Just put your garments in the Bright Blue Bag on your designated pick up day. 

Step 2

We'll pick up your Bag that day...

Step 3

... and deliver your fresh, clean clothes the next scheduled delivery day. 

A service that fits your lifestyle

Whether you are a busy professional or a parent on-the-go or both, you're sure to benefit from the services of 1-800-DryClean.

We create your personal cleaning preference profile and give you your water-resistant 1-800-DryClean Bright Blue Bag and door hook. Your garments are professionally cleaned right in your neighborhood for the fastest turn around possible. 

To get started just enter your zip code above to find your local 1-800-DryClean. We'll take care of the rest.